The Meaning of Bounded Ethicality and How It Affects Ethical Investors

The term ethicality is typically associated with thinking about morality in terms of whether or not people or organizations are doing things right or wrong.  Ethics has, sometimes, been described as the goodness in an individual or organization, though this is far from standard usage. Ethicality can also describe concepts such as trustworthiness, integrity, and … Read more

Top 5 Most Headbangable Songs You Must Listen To

We are in the middle of conflict and chaotic life where everyone is busy with their problems within the realm of development through technology. Therefore, we do not have enough time to consider our prospects and thoughts properly. So, we always admire those people who are able to run behind their dreams through their own … Read more

The amazing Saqlain Mushtaq


Bowling in cricket can be an extremely complex matter. Fans of the game can visit 1xNews – all India sports news on website feature what is happening with the best cricket bowlers. In general, the players who perform this task must come up with a technique that makes batting the ball as difficult as possible. … Read more