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Prashant aka Angry Prash or Prash is an Indian anonymous animated/ cartoon digital content creator, comedy roaster, a commentator at funny meme videos and an anonymous social media influencer, who have always cover his face by wearing a slightly long nose helmet, which looks like Marshmello‘s helmet.He is 3rd most popular roasters in India after CarryMinati and Triggered Insaan, who has roasted with unique animated/cartoon videos. Read Angry Prash Wiki, Bio, Biography, Age, Height, Real Face Revealed, Girlfriend, Net worth and many more.

Angry Prash Wiki/Biography

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Angry Prash
Prash, AP, Prash Anna
Animator, Comedy entertainer, Roaster & YouTuber
29th February 1996
21 Years (As in 2020)
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Not Known
NoFilter Group

About Angry Prash Biography

Who is Angry Prash?

Prashant is an Indian animator, animated/cartoon digital content creator, comedy roaster, entertainer, commentator for both teens and adults and an anonymous social media influencer based in Mumbai India, who is batter known as his online stage name Angry Prash.He didn’t appear so much in public and on camera. He also wears a slightly long nose gear helmet, even in his videos to hide his face and his identity. He is an anonymous social media personality and an influencer.His channel produced animated/ cartoon entertainment videos, which is the most subscribed individual animated/ cartoon entertainment Indian channel on YouTube. He is the only Indian YouTuber to made cartoon videos for both teens and adults.He is one of the most popular comedy entertainment roasters in India after CarryMinati and Triggered Insaan. His animated cartoon roasting content has made for both teens and adults. He is an anonymous personality and always hide his face by wearing a long nose helmet like Marshmello.

Born, Age & Birth Place

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27th November 1989.
30 (as in 2020)
Pune, Maharashtra

Angry Prash was born in a Hindu orthodox family on 14th Novembar 1995 (age 25 as of 2020) at Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is 25 years old and his real name is Prashant Sharma (Rumoured).

Childhood & Early Life

He has spent his childhood with his brother, sister and his family in his home town Delhi, India. Since his childhood, he was so affectionate and always loved to like playing games.

Angry Prash Education & Qualification

School Name




Not Known
IIT-Pune, Indian Institute of Technology, Pune
Mechanical Engineering

During his school times, he was an average student. In an interview, he said in his class his main goal was to secure the1st position and grabbing attention from students and teachers because he understood that to grab attention from others you must be taken yourself to the top position.After his schooling, he gets joined at Mechanical engineering college, but unfortunately, he gets dropped out. We didn’t collect much information about his education, keep reading we will be updated soon.

Angry Prash Parents & Family

He always hides his identity and his face by wearing helmet gear. He is an anonymous personality. We didn’t collect his parents and family information perfectly, if any information comes to us, we will inform you as soon as possible. Read Angry Prash personal Information and more.

Angry Prash Personal Information

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Not In a Relationship
Not Known
Not Yet Married

We didn’t receive any information about the Prash relationship if we know something we will be updated you soon. But once in an interview, he said he had no girlfriend in his personal life and he doesn’t think much about it.

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In Feet: 6.1 Inc
In Meters: 186 Cm
70 Kg approx.
150 lbs approx.
Slim, Fit 
Black & Brown

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Hand-made Dosa, Mcdonald’s McSpicy Paneer Burger
Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan,
Disha Patani
Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawa
Spiderman, Iron Man
Virat Kohli
MS Dhoni
Soul Mortal
Dynamo Gaming
Bhuvan Bam
Gaurav Chaudhury
Ashish Chanchlani
Prajakta Koli
Esports Video Gaming, Travelling, Rapping

Angry Prash (Prashant) Career

Angry Prash Starting Career

Prashant aka Angry Prash started his career by joining YouTube at the beginning of 2016, where he created so many YouTube channels for creating content, but unfortunately, he gets failed, he could not get success in any channel.Those channels were about Automotive design tutorial, Smartphone technology, reviews and Gaming. Unluckily all of the channels didn’t perform well for the next year and later he thought that he should be a start a comedy channel to get popularity. Then Prashant decided to move into comedy. At the beginning of 2017, he changed his content type into comedy, but he didn’t have proper resources at that time for recording videos very well, then he decided to make animation or cartoon videos.He was not a professional animator at that time but he a little bit of idea he has that how to draw and started to create an animation video with the help of MS Paint software, which is free in windows along with a synced voice over.

Prashant’s YouTube Career as Angry Prash

After a month people started to like his videos and his journey on YouTube started began. Slowly his channel started to reach popularity and also completed the 50000 subscribers milestone. He uploaded his first video title “Indian Exam Backchodi”, which is got minimum views.
Later slowly his viewers started to grow. He named his channel Angry Prash, which has come from his initial name letters Prashant and angry is the theme of his channel. Later his viral video ” CarryMinati Ka Call ” has grabbed him huge online fame and gets a lot of subscribers.He said – When our video called “Lata Mangeshkar Reaction On Dhinchak Pooja” video got on a trending page for the first time, it was like my biggest dream come true at that time for me. Now he trying to make more entertainment videos for his fans, and also makes his own rap songs as well.

Angry Prash Youtube Success and Breakthrough

He started his channel at his own at around 100K subscribers, but later he met a guy name Sumedh, who is the member of NoFilter Group, Prash signed the company which helps him in marketing and branding also provided him suitable resources and always give him new platforms and opportunities.When he started his own YouTube channel he didn’t have any team. After 2 Million subscribers, he has made a team named Team Angry of 4 members including him, for producing more content in lesser time with different creativity. The team members help him in editing, animation, and brainstorming.He has committed to his viewers that giving them entertainment and original content and wanted to build the most loyal fanbase on YouTube in the world.

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Angry Prash
Comedy Entertainment, Roasting, Short videos
340M (as in 2020)
Home Studio
Creating His YouTube Contents
YouTube WorldWide
800th (Most Subscribed) Top 30 popular in India
Top 10 Roasting
Zakir Khan
Bhuvan Bam
Not Known
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Angry Prash Music and Rapping Debut

Prash released many of his own voice rap songs. His first music rap video song name Ho Sakta Hai, dedicated to Indian Army and Farmers. which is crossed 3.3million views on YouTube and his Rapper Ka Baap is crossed 3.5million views.

Awards, Honoured, Recognition and Achievements

● He was awarded by ExhibitMegazine for One Of Top 10 Entertainer Of The Year 2019.● He won YouTube creators Awards 2 Silver Button for passing 100K subscribers in both channels and passing 1 million subscribers in the main channel.

Some Unknown Facts About Angry Prash

● Initially, in his starting day’s, he has created so many channels but these channels did not perform well.● Later he moved his contact type into Comedy, Roasting and other.● He is an Anonimous personality, who always wear a gear helmet with a long nose and didn’t appear his face on camera.● He is the 3rd most popular roaster in India after CarryMinati and Triggered Insaan.

Angry Prash Net Worth, Salary, Income

Yearly Salary


Earning Source

Total Net Worth

50K – 100K USD
20K – 50K USD
YouTube, Adsence,
Brand Promotion, Sponsors
$1.6 Million in 2020

According to the source, Angry Prash earns money from Google Adsense, Brand Promotion and other sources. His estimated yearly earnings USD 50K – 100K and his current net worth is $1.6 Million (approx) which is 11 crores in Indian rupees.

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