Anisha Dixit (Rikshawali) Age, Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Family & More

Anisha Dixit is a Germany born Indian descent actress, model, YouTuber, social media influencer and Internet personality from Berlin, Germany (currently live in Mumbai India). She has got fame, after coming to India and she has also popularly known as her online stage name Rikshawali.
Currently, she is one of the top popular female YouTuber in India after Prajakta Koli. She has a collab with many popular Bollywood celebrities. Read Anisha Dixit aka Rikshawali Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts, Height, Ex-Boyfriend, Boyfriend, Photos, Husband, Phone Number, Net Worth and More.

Anisha Dixit aka Rikshawali Wiki/Biography

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Anisha Dixit
Anisha, Ani 
YouTuber, Actress, Model & Social Media Influencer
Vlogging in Auto Rikshaw.
17th January 1991
30 Years (As in 2021)
Berlin, Germany
Germany & Switzerland
Swiss, Germanian, NRI
Diploma in Acting
Swiss Acting Institute
[email protected]

About Anisha Dixit (Rikshawali) Biography

Who is Anisha Dixit?

Anisha Dixit is an Indian descent Hindi language based comedian, actress, model, anchor, social media influencer, Internet and YouTube personality from Berlin, Germany, (Currently, live In Mumbai India), who has also popularly known for her YouTube stage name Rikshawali.Along with YouTube, she is a model, actress and comedian. She has also successfully debuted in the Punjabi movie named ‘Punjabi Bolda‘ opposite of popular Punjabi actor ‘Sarbjit Cheema‘ but its get failed in the box office.She is one of the most popular female YouTuber in India after Prajakta Koli. After coming to India in 2013 she has also successfully debuted her first Punjabi-Hindi film named ‘Punjabi Bolda‘ opposite of popular Punjabi actor ‘Sarbjit Cheema‘ but its get failed in the box office and listed as a flop movie.

Anisha Dixit Rikshawali

Born, Age & Birth Place

Birth Date


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17th January 1991.
30 (as in 2021)
Pune, Maharashtra

She was born in a Christian-Hindu family on 17th January 1991 in Berlin, Germany and brought up with her family in her home town Germany. Currently, she was lived in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India as an NRI (Non-Indian Residence). She has duel citizenships in Germany and Switzerland.

Early Life/Childhood

Her childhood was going up over his head because of her family issues. When she was just  8 or 9 years old her family lost all money and faced a lot of financial crisis and many other problems at that time in Germany. They are in the streets literally.

Anisha Dixit Childhood Photos

Once they abandon their residence in Germany because of strict rules in Germany and forced to stayed their relative house due to not enough financial supports. Her family started to do small jobs like selling goods on the streets in Germany to run their family expenses.

Education & Qualification

She has completed her schooling in Germany stayed with her family. After her school session, she was interested to become an actor, but her father never agreed to her because her father thought that the children of a Brahmin family could never be artists but her will power helped her to become an actress.Her father didn’t understand her talent in acting and was also forced her to study in Business (MBA). But she gets admitted to acting college in Switzerland to pursuing her career in acting and modelling, by telling lied to her father that she was pursuing her business management studies in Switzerland.When every couple of week later she was backed to home in Germany her father always asked about what she learned about business. To get the right answer she borrowed a business studies book from her friend, studied them and also answered her father what she was learned business studies.

Anisha Dixit Father, Family/Parents

Father Name

Mother Name


Ashish Dixit (Biological Father)
Willy (Step-Father)
Diyaa Dixit
Sister –  Devika Dixit (Elder)
Brother – Not Known (Elder)

His father name is Ashish Dixit (birth father) who was a worker. She didn’t get any supported from his father to become a successful actress. After completing her studies in acting, she decided to tell her father about her cheating but unfortunately, her father has passed away before telling the truth.

Anisha Dixit Father Photo

Her mother name is Diyaa Dixit. She has always supported her children too much and also supported Anisha to become an artist.

Anisha Dixit Mother Photo

After her real father died her mother get married again, and now she has a stepfather named Willy from Switzerland. She gets huge supports from her stepfather to become a successful artist.

Anisha Dixit Step Father Photo

She has a sister name Deevika Dixit, who has also live with her in India.

Anisha Dixit With her sister

Personal Information

Anisha Dixit Husband, Marital Status and Affairs

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In a Relationship
Not Known
Not Yet Married (But Engaged)

A rumour was spread in social media that she has dating Technical Guruji who is India’s biggest tech YouTuber who lives in Dubai, but later it has cleared that they are not in a relationship.Currently, Anisha is romantically related to Caleebh, who is a DJ, Music producer and appeared in her Instagram profile. They got engaged but didn’t get married yet. Not much information we have, if we know something we will be updated you soon.

Anisha Dixit With her boyfriend Caleebh

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In Feet: 5.6 Inc
In Meters: 168 Cm
56 Kg approx.
126 lbs approx.
Slim, Fit 
Black & Brown

Hobbies & Favourite Things




Singer (s)


Cartoon Show






Chocolates, Pizza, Cheese
Robert Pattinson, Shah Rukh Khan 
Angelina Jolie
Rihana, Calvin Harries
Duck Tales (German Show)
Dog, Pet Dog
Pink, White
Bhuvan Bam
Gaurav Chaudhury
Ashish Chanchlani
Prajakta Koli
Goa, Mexico, Spain
Acting, Dancing, Singging

She mostly loves eating chocolates and cheese. In her life, she has visited many places including India, Switzerland and the United States. She is an avid dog lover since her childhood and also has a pet name, Morty.

Anisha Dixit Career

Anisha Dixit Starting Career & Movie Debut

Anisha came to India in 2013 and started her career in the Indian film industry as a model and actress. In 2013 she has successfully debuted her first Punjabi-Indian movie named ‘Punjabi Bolda‘ alongside Sarbjit Cheema. But the movie gets flopped and was not hit in the box office. It get also the lowest rating in IMDB 4.9/10.Then next she started writing blogs on the internet. She opens a website named Rikshawali.Com and started writing articles about India. She wrote some articles like Mumbai Meri Jaan and many other specialities about India just for enjoying her self.

Anisha Dixit YouTube Career As Rikshawali

Her YouTube journey started coincidently in a rickshaw. Before joining YouTube she had a nice journey on Facebook. When she was in Switzerland, just for passing her times she has made small vlogs on her camera and also uploaded them on Facebook and Instagram.Shortly she has moved to Mumbai, India. Auto-Rikshaw is one of the most visible vehicles in India, she had recorded small vlogs on her camera while ridding in Auto-Rikshaw and uploaded it on her YouTube channel. Where she shares her visiting experience in India.She has started making videos regularly and she had a nice talent for making videos, vlogs and was also uploaded on the Internet. She loved editing videos and also posted professionally edited videos on YouTube which were created by her.After a couple of weeks later she opens a YouTube channel named Rikshawali and uploaded her first vlog and review video title My First Video (WARNING) | Ram Leela Film Review while riding in Auto – Rikshaw. From there, her YouTube journey started began.

Anisha Dixit YouTube Information




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Anisha Dixit
Simply Anisha Dixit
Comedy, Entertainment, Sex Education & More
over 450M (as in 2020)
Home Studio
Creating His YouTube Contents
YouTube WorldWide
838th (Most Subscribed) 7th (Female Individual)
Technical Guruji
Prajakta Koli
Gaurav Taneja
Beer Biceps
Many Other YouTuber Creators
Not Known
See Awards/Achievements

Anisha Dixit Awards, Achievements, Recognition

She has won 1 silver play button and a Golden play button for passing 100K and 1 Million subscribers. Currently, she didn’t win any national and international awards.

Anisha Dixit Collaboration & Records

● She has collaborated with many popular Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Boman Irani, Priyanka Chopra, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kartik Aryan and many more.

Anisha Dixit with Bollywood celebrities

● She has also met with the Ex-President of the United States of America Barak Obama.
● She was invited by Google and YouTube India to an event where she met YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki.● She also performed in Mumbai YouTube fanfest 2018.

Some Unknown Records & Facts About Anisha Dixit

● She dint drink alcohol and didn’t smoke.● During her childhood, her family has faced a lot of financial crisis and also stayed at her relative house in Germany.● Her father never agreed to her to become an actress and model. She lied to her father to become an artist.● After her father died, her mother gets married again, her step-father Willy helps her a lot to become a successful actress.● Her career starts after coming to India as an actress and model. In 2013 she successfully debuted her first film in Punjab named “Punjabi Bolda“, with “Sarbjit Cheema”.

Anisha Dixit Net Worth, Salary, Income

Monthly Salary

Yearly Salary

Earning Source

Net Worth

$1.4K – $23.2K
$17.4K – $278.2K
Google Adsense, Brand Promotion, Other Sources
USD 0.5 Million

According to the source, he earns money from Google Adsense, brand promotion and other sources. His monthly Income $1.4K – $23.2K and his Yearly income $17.4K – $278.2K. According to Statsmash, her current net worth is USD 0.5 Million (As of 2021), which is almost 4 crores rupees in Indian currency.

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