Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines), Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend & More

Bhuvan Bam, real name Bhuvaneswar Bam is an Indian singer, Youtuber, actor, songwriter, guitarist, model, digital content creator, social media influencer and internet personality from New Delhi, India. He is popularly known for his online stage name and Youtube comedy channel BB Ki Vines.
Besides these, he is a professional singer, actor and model. He also plays the main role in the award-winning short story Plus Minus. Read Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Gf, Wife, Ex-Girlfriend, Father & Mother Death, Net Worth, Income & More.

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Wiki/Biography

Real Name

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Net Worth

Bhuvaneswar Bam
BB Ki Vines
Bhuvan, BB, Titu Mama (Popular Character)
YouTuber, Comedian, Writer, Singer, Actor, Model, Digital Content Creator
Playing Various Comedy Characters at BB Ki Vines
(Read BB Ki Vines All Characters)
22nd January 1994
27 Years (As in 2021)
Baroda, Gujrat, India
New Delhi, India
Bachelor Of Arts in History (Hons)
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi
Rohit Raj (his friend)
$8 Million Channel Revenue

About Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Biography

Who is Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines)?

Bhuvan Bam, real name Bhuvaneswar Bam is an Indian singer, Youtuber, actor, songwriter, guitarist, model, digital content creator, social media influencer and internet personality from New Delhi, India. He is popularly known for his online stage name and Youtube comedy channel BB Ki Vines.
BB Ki Vines is one of the most popular Youtube channels in India with the largest number of subscribers, where Bhuvan plays different types of comedy and funny characters. And all those characters are made by him. Read Bhuvan Bam all popular characters.Besides these, he is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor and model. He has also played the role of Baba Harbhajan Singh in the Joyti Kapoor short story Plus Minus along with Diviya Dutta. The short story has won Filmfare awards in 2019 in the best short story category.

Bhuvan Bam (Source: Insta)

Born, Age & Birth Place

Date of Birth


Birth Place


22nd January 1994.
27 year (as in 2021)
Baroda, Gujrat

On January 22nd, 1994, he was born in a middle-class Maharashtrian family in Baroda, Gujrat, India. But his family moved to New Delhi for a better lifestyle, when he was a child. Besides being a Hindu Marathi, he also holds Indian Nationality.

Bhuvan Bam Childhood/Early-Life

He spent his childhood in New Delhi, India and grew up there with his father and mother and his elder brother. He was a very polite and calm boy from an early age and very interested in music, guitar and singing. Since his childhood, his dream is to become a famous musician.

Bhuvan Bam childhood photo with his father

Bhuvan Bam childhood photo with his mother

Bhuvan Bam’s Education & Qualification





Green Field School
Shaheen Bhagat College
Bachelor Of Arts, History Hons.

Since his childhood, he is good at studying and got 74.25% in his 12th board exam. BB said that he was good at studies but he was not that kind of mar scorer, but his parents weren’t as disappointed in him. He has done his schooling at Green Field School, Nouraji Nagar, New Delhi. After completing his schooling he got admitted at Shaheed Bhagat College, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi, India to pursue a degree of Bachelor of Arts degree in History.Like other parents, his parents forced him to take honours in B.Com But in the end, he chooses History.
“My parents, specially my mom wanted me to pursue B.Com honours during my undergrad. I had, for this very reason opted for commerce in my final years of school. I might have gone for it too, but then my percentage gave me only a few options to go for in Delhi University. I ended up choosing history, and completed my graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College”

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Relatives, Family & Parents

Father Name

Mother Name


Avnindra Bam
Padma Bam
Sister –  N/A
Brother – Aman Bam (Elder)

His father name is Avnindra Bam, he is an ex-employee in Air India. On 12th June 2021, he passed away. He is so close to his son Bhuvan, like other fathers he also supported him to become a Youtuber.

Bhuvan Bam father Avnidra Bam

His mother name is Padma Bam. She is a homemaker and executive admin in a private company. Her story is also inspiring. She started her career in a private company as a receptionist and after that, she becomes the Executive admin in the same company.She was also awarded by the organization for serving 25 years in the same company. Then Bhuvan tweeted that –
“Started her journey as a receptionist. Completes 25 years as the executive admin in the same company. Have rarely seen her take an office leave (that too incase any of the family member would fall sick). 😭💕 Aai, Tujhya sarka dedication, fakta 0.5% pan maajha madhe aala, tar life set ♥️”He has an elder brother name Aman Bam. He said that when he was busy doing Youtube videos, Aman helped him a lot by making his Youtube videos. By profession, he is a Pilot.

Bhuvan Bam brother Aman Bam

On June 12th, 2021 Bhuvan lost his both father and mother due to Covid – 19. A few weeks ago he was covid positive. 12th June, in his Instagram handle, he shared his father and mother death news.
“Lost both my lifelines to covid. Aai aur Baba ke bina kuch bhi pehle jaisa nahi rahega. Ek mahine mein sab bikhar chuka hai. Ghar, sapne, sab kuch. Meri aai mere pass nahi hai, baba mere saath nahi hain. Ab shuru se jeena seekhna padega. Mann nahi kar raha. Was I a good son? Did I do enough to save them? I’ll have to live with these questions forever. Can’t wait to see them again. I wish the day comes soon”.

Bhuvan Bam Personal Information

Relationship Status/ Affairs

Relationship Status



Marriage Date

In a relationship
Arpita Bhattacharya
Not Known
Not Married Yet

For a long time, there was a lot of discussions all over the internet and social media sites about Bhuvan Bam‘s girlfriend. Now it was revealed that currently, he is dating a beautiful girl Arpita Bhattacharya. They are now romantically related to each other, and maybe they will get married soon.

Physical Appearance



Body Type

Body Shame

Eye Color

Skin Color

Hair Color


In Feet: 5. 101⁄2inc
In Meters: 1.77m
In Centimetres: 177cm
70 Kg approx.
154 lbs approx.
Slight Fat
Black & Brown
No tattoos

Hobbies & Favourite Things

Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) Career

Bhuvan Bam Starting Career

Bhuvan Bam is an extremely well-talented comedian, actor, YouTube personality and singer, who is currently best known as ‘BB Ki Vines‘ popular video creator on YouTube.  We are enjoying watching his video but he also had to work hard at one time to be successful.He started his career as a bar singer-composer. He has a nice talent for singing and playing the guitar. He loved to sing since childhood. He started to work at Mughlai Restaurant, Delhi as a night job musician while studying in college. From there, his journey to becoming a musician began.There he played the guitar and sang Bollywood and old 90’s songs. He performed six days a week from eight to twelve at night. From there he gets 5000 rupees bucks a month and daily a 1-time free meal. Though, he did it for his personal pocket money.

Bhuvan Bam old pic

Bhuvan Bam’s Youtube Starting Career

He does a show in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) and a week after returning from there he sees that the place where he has stayed a few days ago now has been flooded. He saw that an idiot news reporter, who asked a woman insensitive questions regarding the death of her son due to the Kashmir floods.From there he got an idea to make funny videos. He is also a good comedian, he was thoughted that he could make fun of it. He makes a short parody video on the topic and posted it on his Facebook profile named “Frusted News Reporter” which was received just 15 views at that time.After that, he posted 7 – 8 more short funny videos on his Facebook, but the result was the same. But suddenly one day his 3rd video “I’m feeling horny” got viral in Pakistan and he got huge 15K views. It encourages him to make more funny videos.Once his college mate suggested to start uploading videos on YouTube and said “You can also earn money if you can upload it on YouTube.”Then he created a Youtube channel named BB Ki Vines in 2015 and started uploading videos. The first video he uploaded on this channel titled “The Chakna Issue“, which has got 15 – 20 views and later he delete the video. The first few videos went viral in Pakistan.At the beginning of the first six months, Indian people also thought that he is Pakistani and at that time some of the Pakistani newspaper also wrote about Bhuvan and his comedy videos. Six months later, when his Valentine video went viral, people recognised Bhuvan as an Indian.

Bhuvan Bam Youtube Breakthrough & Success

Slowly, Bhuvan’s popularity started growing in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and some other countries. He becomes the only Indian individual Youtuber to complete the fastest 1 million and 10 million subscriber in a row and over 1.69 Billion views at that time. Bhuvan had recorded his videos on his hand with a smartphone’s front camera because he didn’t have any DSLR and later he edited. He wants to make his own comedy universe. He aims to make BCU (Bhuvan Comic Universe) like MCU does (Marvel Comic Universe) in Hollywood.
For his sketch comedy videos, he creates more than 19 fictional characters and all this he plays himself. including Banchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, Titu Mama, Bablu Ji (Fictional Father in BB Ki Vines), Janki Ji (Mommy), Mrs. Verma, Adrak Baba, and Mr. Hola, Detective Mangloo, Dr Sehgal, Babli Sir (Teacher) and many other. Read BB Ki Vines all characters.He collaborates with many Indian Youtubers, Ashish Chanchlani, CarryMinati, The Viral Fever, and  Pakistani Youtuber and also American Youtuber Like Amanda Cerni, and many others.

BB Ki Vines Show Titu Talks

Bhuvan’s fictional character ‘Titu Mama’ got so much popularity in public that’s why he opened a new show with Titu Mama on his channel called ‘Titu Talks’. In an interview, he said that ” It is a sasta version of coffee with Karan”. Bhuvan makes his first episode of Titu Talks was with the world most popular and movie star Shah Rukh Khan, which is got over 30M views on YouTube.His 2nd episode was made with popular adult movie stars Jhonny Sins. In that video, he took an interview with him and shares the adult film industry details. The video got 50 million views on Youtube and over 2.3 million likes.In 2020, During covid 19 pandemic lockdown in India, Bhuvan released his third episode with migrants and farmers, where he discuss their problems and their current situation. In that video, he raised funds for that needy people.

Bhuvan Bam Filmography & Bollywood Debut

After becomes a successful YouTuber he continues his passion for singing. In 2018 he played the “Baba Harvajan Sing” role opposite of Divya Dutta in Joyti Kapoor‘s short film ‘Plus Minus‘, which has won Filmfare Award 2019 for the best short film.

Bhuvan Bam Music Debut & Collaborations

From his childhood, he developed an interest in music after he cleared his class 12, and he wanted to become a musician and singer. However, his parents didn’t want him to become a musician, because every family wants their children to do a government Job and they forced him to study college. Later, he released many single music videos. In 2016 he released his first single music video named Teri Teri Kahani, produced by One Digital Entertainment.

BB Ki Vines YouTube Information

Channel (s)



Total Views


Available in

Country Rank

Global Rank

Associate With

Managed By


BB Ki Vines
Comedy, Vlogging, Vines, 
3.1 Billion (as in 2021)
BB Ki Vines Pvt Ltd.
One Digital Entertainment
YouTube WorldWide
Top 5 (Most Subscribed)Top 5  (Individual)
Wasim Ahmed
Nazim Ahmed
Rohit Raj
See Awards/Achievements

Bhuvan Bam Awards, Fame, Recognition & Achievements

BB is the only Indian Individual Youtuber who achieved many fame recognization and awards through youtube by just making videos with his cell phone. He is the only Indian Youtuber who also won the Filmfare awards for the best short film. Here we listed some awards won by Bhuvan Bam.● He wins WebTV Asia Awards 2016 for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube (BB Ki Vines) in 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea. He is the only Indian individual Youtuber to win the WebTV Asia award.● In 2017, he won the Game Changer of the Year award, felicitated by the Hindustan Times. At that time he was considered a Youtube sensation by the same organization.
Crazy evening..!! Won the ‘Hindustan Times Gamechanger Award 2017’ alongside Rana Daggubati !● He wins the Iconic Achievers Award in 2018 for the Most Enterprising Social Media Personality.● He won Fiama Cosmopolitan Awards in 2019 for best ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ & ‘Most Viral Content Creator of The Year’.

Filmfare For PlusMinus

● In 2018, Jyoti Kapoor directed the short film ‘Plus Minus‘ along with Divya Dutta receives Filmfare Awards in 2019 for the best short film. Bhuvan was played the lead character in the short film Baba Harbhajan Singh.● He has also won the Official Instagram Award in 2019 for the Best ‘Entertainer Of The Year’.● In 2019, Bhuvan Bam won the ‘Global Entertainer Of The Year 2019’ award for his excellent contribution to digital entertainment at Worlds Blogger Awards held in Cannes at Hotel Martinez, France. Ashish Chanchlani won ‘Best Comedy Influencer‘ and Gaurav Chaudary was announced as the ‘Best Technical Influencer‘.
“I feel extremely happy and proud to win ‘Global Entertainer Of The Year’ on such a huge forum. This award rewards all of my hard-work and perseverance and I dedicate it to my BB Ki Vines army for always believing in me and never giving up. Onward and upwards now!”● In 2019, he won Exhibit Top 100 Digital Influencer Award 2019 by InfluenceEx 19.● He won Game Changer of India in the field of Entertainment Awards 2019 by the Economic Times.● He receives the Lokmat Awards 2019 for the “Most Stylish Digital Celebrity” of 2019.● Above this, he also won the MensXP Award for ‘Icon Of New hood‘ and ‘Social Media Icon Of New hood‘ in 2019 and was also nominated for the award of being the most influential social media personality for two years in a row at our IWMBuzz Awards.

Trivia, Records & Some Unknown Facts About Bhuvan Bam

BB Ki Vines is the only Indian individual Youtube channel to complete the fastest 1 Million and 10 Million subscribers. He also completed 20 Million subscribers on Youtube along with Carryminati, Amit Bhadana, Ashish Chanchlani, Gaurav Chaudhury.● The channel was ranked the no 1 Indian individual Artist on the top 10 Youtuber list in 2016.● Bhuvan Bam‘s were listed most popular magazine in India including Hindustan Times, The Hot List, The economic times, The end year special magazine, Mensworld India, Outlook Splurge! and many other magazines.● BB Ki Vines is the only Indian YouTube channel to collaborated with Shah Rukh Khan. His talk show called Titu Talks first episode was done with mega movie star Shah Rukh Khan.● He is the only Indian YouTuber who meet with adult actor Jhonny Sins, and Bhuvan 2nd episode of Titu Talks was made with Jhonny Sins.● In the 2019 Mumbai Youtube fanfest, Bhuvan has performed with popular Indian producer and director Karan Johar.● He is the only Indian YouTuber, which has its own production house called BB Ki Vines Pvt. Ltd. He announced that he is going to make a film called Dhindora in 2021.● Bam has been a speaker at TEDxIIITD at IIIT Delhi and TEDxJUIT at the Jaypee University of Information Technology in 2016.

Income, Earnings/Salary & Net Worth

Yearly Salary


Earning Source

Total Net Worth

25K – 100K USD
20K – 50K USD
YouTube, Adsence,
Brand Promotion, Sponsors
$8 Million in 2021

According to the source, Bhuvan Bam earns money from brand promotions, sponsors, Youtube Adsense. They’re monthly estimated earning $25K – $50K and yearly estimated earning $50K – $100K. Their channel revenue is $8 million, which is 58 crores in India rupees approx.

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