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Education: M.D. Homeopathy Age: 59 Years Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Some Lesser Known Facts About Dr. Rajesh Shah

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah is an Indian researcher, a physician, and a teacher. In 1985, he started ‘Life Force’ a homoeopathic clinic in Mumbai.
  • While practising as a homoeopath, he conducted various seminars and workshops for students and practitioners in countries like the U.S.A., Ireland, Croatia, Japan, and India.
    Dr. Rajesh Shah in his younger days
  • Rajesh has worked on many new therapeutic molecules. He has also applied for its patent rights.
  • Later, he started his second homoeopathy clinic ‘BioSimilia’ in Mumbai.
  • He has also been appointed as a director at the homoeopathic organization ‘Homoeopathy India Foundation’ which works for the propagation, research, and education in homoeopathy.
  • He is also working for Homoeopathy Times, a homoeopathy magazine, as an editor.
  • Dr. Rajesh has authored a few books such as ‘My Experiences with Ferrum Metallicum and Lichen Planus and its Homeopathic Treatment’ (2003), ‘Urticaria and its Homeopathic Treatment’ (2008), and ‘Vitiligo Treatment’ (2013).
  • More than 11 scientific articles have been published by Dr. Rajesh in many international journals.
  • He has written a column in the reputed newspaper of the UAE “Khaleej Times,” and he is considered as one of the few Indian doctors who have written an article for such a newspaper.
  • Dr. Rajesh has conducted various lectures and seminars at the national and international levels. Some of his interviews have been broadcasted on various TV channels.
    Dr. Rajesh Shah’s talk on New Drug Research at Father Muller’s College, Mangalore
  • Some of his publications are:
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  • “Effect of Orally Administered Potentized Capsaicin and Dihydrocapsaicin in Humans: A Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trial”, by Rajesh Shah, MD, published in Forschende Komplementärmedizin / Research in Complementary Medicine, Germany, June 2014.
  • “Potentized, an oral preparation of capsaicin alkaloids and magnesium phosphoricum in the treatment of chronic pain: A clinical trial” by Rajesh Shah, MD, published in American journal “JOURNAL OF PAIN MANAGEMENT”, Nova Publishers, NY, USA,
    Volume 7, Number 1, 2014
  • ‘Hepatitis C Nosode: The preparation and homoeopathic pathogenetic trial’ in Homeopathy; Vol. 102, (3), pp 207-214: July 2013.
  • ‘Hydroquinone: Homoeopathy pathogenetic trial’ in Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy; Vol. 7 (2): Apr-Jun 2013.
  • ‘What homoeopathy is not’, in Homeopathy Links, Sept 2011.
  • “Risky innovations spring from the law of grand generalization” published in Simillimum, USA, Vol.IX, No.2, Summer 1996, USA
  • On Pseudo-classical Homoeopathy. Editorial, Homoeopathy Times, 1995, II
  • The Education Gap, Editorial, Homoeopathy Times, 1995, Vol I
  • ‘Cough: A Repertorial Study’ published in Homoeopathy Times, Vol.1, No.3, 1994.
  • ‘Industrious: A Repertorial Journey’ published in Homoeopathy Times, Vol.1, No.3, 1994
  • ‘Sympathy and Consolation’ published in Homoeopathy Times, Vol.1, No.3, 1994
  • ‘Bufo – A wonderful respiratory remedy’ published in Homoeopathic Links, 3/93, Germany
  • ‘Anantherum by Rajesh Shah & Bob Fordham’ published in The Homoeopath, The Society of Homoeopaths, U.K., No.50, 1993
  • ‘200 Years of Homoeopathy – Where Do We Stand?’, by Dr Rajesh Shah, National Journal of Homoeopathy, India, 1993 Jan / Feb Vol II No 1
  • ‘Need of the time: Hard-Core Prescribing’ published in The Homoeopath, The Society of Homoeopaths, U.K., Vol.No.61
  • ‘International Conference on Multidisciplinary Healthcare’, January 2014, at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, a paper on ‘Hepatitis C clinical trial’
  • The national homoeopathic conference, December 2012, by ‘Homeopathic Medical Association of India’ (HAMI), Kolkatta, a paper on ‘HIV nosode and its homoeopathic pathogenetic trial’
  • ‘Practice of Homeopathy’, two days workshop for international homoeopaths, at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece, 1998
  • Seminars in the UK (Many seminars between 1990 to 2000)
  • Many Seminars and workshops in the USA (New York, Pittsburg, Denver), Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Japan, India (Between 1990 to 2000)
  • ‘Homeopathy for Japan’, two days seminar in Tokyo, April 2000
    • He loves to travel and do adventurous sports in his leisure time.
      Dr. Rajesh Shah on a trip
    • Rajesh Shah enjoys playing badminton with his friends.
      Dr. Rajesh Shah playing badminton
    • He consumes alcohol at various parties and events.
      Dr. Rajesh Shah with his friends
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