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Real Name Jeevan Kadam
Nickname Jeevan
Famous Marathi Travel Vlogger
Profession YouTuber, Vlogger
Age (as 2021) 33
Birthday Date October 17, 1988
Birthplace Chanchali, Taluka Koregaon, District Satara
Currently Living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Language Marathi, Hindi & English
Educational Qualification M.C.A (Mumbai University)
College D.P.Bhosale College, Koregaon, Satara


Jeevan Kadam (जीवन कदम) , a boy from Satara, Taluka Koregaon was adamant to make himself visible and step out of the herd. As a young kid, Jeevan had little interest in school studies, and instead, he was more focused on sports like Cricket. His parents always used to stay worried because Jeevan never scored good marks in school and was playing the whole time. He comes from a weak financial background which made his parents even more worrisome. Slowly but steadily he and his family saved up money for his higher education and eventually he came to Mumbai, little did he know that his life was about to turn upside down.

Completing his further education, Jeevan works as a software engineer in an IT company. In 2015, Jeevan got married to his love Pratima Patil. Before joining, Jeevan developed an interest in the field of YouTube vlogging and saw it as a medium of communication and to express oneself. As a kid, he would get mesmerized by the beauty of nature which later made him a passionate traveler. With all this in mind, Jeevan decided to open a YouTube channel and pave a path for himself. He could’ve made vlogs in English to gather a wider audience but decided to stick to his native tongue i.e., Marathi.

In 2016, Jeevan made a YouTube channel named “JeevanKadamVlogs” and started to travel. Since Jeevan had a job to cater to, he would travel less often and couldn’t get time to edit his videos. But eventually, he decided to manage both things simultaneously. After posting some videos on the channel, he saw exponential growth on the channel. His Dubai safari video is one of the most popular videos on his channel where he experiences the beauty of skydiving.

Today, Jeevan has achieved so much that he is the number one Marathi travel vlogger and YouTuber in the country. Today his YouTube channel is not just about vlogging but also gives out travel advice, tips, and tricks, how to travel on a budget, some comedy videos, and many more. To help him grow his YouTube channel, Jeevan befriended Amol Jamdare who has a wide archaeological knowledge, and helped Jeevan find historical places to travel for his vlogs. Amol is now of the main members of the Jeevan Kadam Vlogs team. He does Q&A sessions with his audience to interact with them and create a layer of transparency. Today his YouTube channel has an audience of more than 400k subscribers with over 350 videos posted.

Apart from YouTube, Jeevan makes money out of brand promotions and sponsored videos as well. He is the recipient of a professional photographer award from the Maharashtra Tourist Department as well. Jeevan aspires to continue making videos in Marathi only and wants to travel to European countries to help people get a hands-on experience via his vlogs and also share the dos and don’ts with people.


Jeevan Kadam Family

  • Mother: Name Not Known
  • Father: Name Not Known
  • Wife: Pratima Patil
  • Son: Tanvish Kadam

Girls, Affairs and More

Jeevan Kadam Wife

Marital Status Married
Affairs / Girlfriends NA
Wife / Spouse Pratima Patil

Youtube Achievements

Jeevan Kadam Youtube Achievements

Subscriber Count 436K+
Play Button Silver
YouTube India Marathi Travel Vlogger

Youtube Earnings

Jeevan Kadam Income Source / Jeevan Kadam Earning

  • Youtube Estimated Monthly Earnings – ₹ 1 L to 3 L
  • Youtube Estimated Yearly Earnings – ₹ 10 L to 25 L

Social Profiles

Jeevan Kadam Social Media Handles

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