Nora Fatehi denies getting gift from Sukesh Chandrasekhar; says Conman’s wife gifted the BMW car for attending Chennai event.

With recent disclosures, including a leaked telephonic conversation between conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar and Ranbaxy co-founder wife regarding Rs.200 crore money laundering case, ED questioned actress Nora Fatehi and Jaqline Fernandes about their alleged closeness and receiving expensive gifts worth crores from the conman.
Nora Fatehi received a BMW car and an expensive Gucci gift from the conman from the extorted money. When questioned about whether she knew the conman from before, the actress replied, ” I had never met or even had a talk over the phone with the conman before December 20 event in Chennai.”
Further, she added, ” when I reached the event place, Sukesh’s wife Leena Maria said that they wanted to gift her a BMW car as a token of love and appreciation towards her. I was surprised and said this was too much, but everything was being recorded on camera and thought as it was being offered just for the event part.”

Nora also clarified that Leena Maria’s car and many other witnesses were present at the event, and Leena also had someone on the phone during the event and didn’t reveal who he was.
Nora also said that she had never used any application named signal, answering Sukesh’s allegation that he had previously contacted the actor on this app before the December 20 event and informed her about gifting her the car.
She also mentioned that she was very surprised when she was offered the car and asked her industry friends if it was normal and got a positive response from them. The actor further answered the question of whether she used the money of Sukesh for shopping at a mall, on which she said that she bought Christmas gifts for her family and friends using her card and only enquired on the Gucci store whether she could change the gift she was offered at the event as she didn’t like the color.
The actor landed into trouble after ED complained against the conman of allegedly extorting money from a businessman’s family on the pretext of getting him out of jail on bail.

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