Role of a Lawyer in an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is stressful and takes a toll on you in various forms. Even if you and your partner mutually agree on all the terms and decide to opt for an uncontested divorce, there are chances that things will take a wrong turn in the future. However, to ease the hassle, you can take help from an experienced family law attorney. 
A lawyer plays a crucial role in a divorce case. You might not get the outcome of the case you desired if you prefer not to hire an attorney. A lawyer will provide you with legal guidance on the proper steps to avoid complications. 
Role of a lawyer in an uncontested divorce:

  • Preliminary investigation 

The role of an attorney in a divorce case will start with a discussion about the case and details. After the discussion, the lawyer will start collecting some relevant information and think about getting a favorable outcome of the case. The lawyer will give you an idea about the procedure and notify you about the responsibilities you need to deal with. 

  • Initiation of the procedure of a lawsuit

The divorce lawyer will start the procedure by filing the case in a family law court. The legal document will deliver the information to the person against whom the divorce is filed. Further, the respondent will be provided with the notice of impending divorce. After the respondent has received the documents, they may choose the response whether they have to be against it or support it. 

  • Explaining property division 

A divorce attorney will explain to you how the property is dealt with during the dissolution of marriage. Your partner may have a property they brought into the marriage, or the other might have accumulated assets as per postnuptial agreement. Only a divorce lawyer will explain to you the condition, whether it is a community property state or equitable distribution state. 

If a divorce attorney identifies that the case is dismissing the client’s sentiments or if the case is taking off in the wrong path, they will visit their client and another lawyer involved in the case to make the producer easy. To save the client from facing an awkward situation in the courtroom, the lawyer must discuss the matter and case with their clients before entering the courtroom. 
A divorce attorney can be beneficial in various ways. From the initial stage of the divorce until the results, the attorney will stick by your side and ensure favorable results. 

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