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Round2hell is an Indian entertainment-based Youtube channel founded by three best friends Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi, and Wasim Ahmad. They together make many hilarious sketch comedy videos on this channel.It is one of the most subscribed channels on youtube India. Besides these, Zayn’s brother Talib Saifi, Mehtab Saifi, also are the member of the Round2hell group. Read Round2hell | R2h, Wiki, Bio, Nazim, Zayn, Wasim, Success Story, Net Worth & More.

About Round2hell (R2h) Wiki/Information

Channel Name

Created By


Founding Date



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Net Worth

Zayn, Nazim, Wasim
Zayn Saifi
Nazim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmad
June 2015
Sketch Comedy, Short Films, Vlogging
Since 2015
61 +
Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
VCOI (BrandzUp Media)
$8 Million Channel Revenue

About Round2hell (R2h)

What is Round2hell (R2h)?

Round2hell is an Indian entertainment-based Youtube channel founded where you find short films, vlogging, sketch comedy videos, and roasting content. The channel has founded in 2015 by the three best friends Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi, and Wasim Ahmed.

About Round2hell (R2h) Founder & Owner: Nazim, Zayn & Wasim

Nazim, Zayn, and Wasim are three best friends from school life. The are born and grew up in Pakwara, Uttar Pradesh, India. The three of them have been friends since their school lives. Zayn was a college drop-out from Zakir Hussain College while Wasim and Nazim were 12th passed from Alam College and Modern Public School respectively. (Read more about them)

Story Behind The Naming Round2hell (R2h) & More

Naming The Channel: Round2hell

In an interview, they revealed an incident behind choosing Round2hell’s name. They also said that it doesn’t have any meaning. The day before creating a channel, Zayn went for a car drifting. He did some scary round drifts and with the help of a friend made videos of them and posted them on Instagram. Later, while watching the videos, suddenly a thought popped in his mind that, “what would have happened if I lose the control during the round drifts?” He answered himself saying, “Dude, if I lost the control, then surely I could lose my arm or leg turning my life into hell. So he thought that the round drift was not a ‘drift’, in fact, that round was for hell. So he named the Instagram video “Round2Hell” and the next day while creating a channel, he gave the same name to the YouTube channel. Thus, the Round2Hell name came into existence.

Success and Breakthrough

Initially, they started the channel by posting football game montages videos, because Nazim liked football and he also wanted to be a footballer. It got about 120 views, which disappointed them. So, they decided to upload a “Part 2” of the video, but the result was the same. And later they changed their content type to roasting, short film, and sketch comedy videos.Their first 2 -3 videos didn’t get much response. Their 15th uploaded video “Jio Users After 31st March” had viral. It was the game-changing video for them, they receive more than 10k views in that video. Their next video “Mauka Mauka India vs Pakistan” had viral again and after that, they did not have to look back again.The families of the three friends were not supportive initially, but as the channel started gaining popularity and subscribers, the family members are happy. When nobody backed these three, a dear friend “Alam Saifi” stood behind and encouraged them.Zayn, Wasim, and Nazim are dreaming something big. They also said that they want to collaborate with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Their future plan is to make Web Series like The Family Man, Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Short Films, Science Fiction stories, and many more.

Round2hell Controversy

In reaction to the Carryminati’s TikTok V/S Youtube controversy, they also make a video on it titled The Virus – TikTok V/S Youtube. It was brakes all their records of their own, and reached 100,000 likes in just 10 minutes of uploading, and crossed over 9 million views with 2 million likes in 23 hours.But unfortunately, the video has removed from youtube. People think that the video was removed for violating Youtube’s content but actually they keep the video private. It has still not been made clear the reason for the removal of the video.

Round2hell Income, Earnings/Salary & Net Worth

Yearly Salary


Earning Source

Total Net Worth

25K – 100K USD
20K – 50K USD
YouTube, Adsence,
Brand Promotion, Sponsors
$8 Million in 2021

According to the source, Round2hell earns money from brand promotions, sponsors, Youtube Adsense. They’re monthly estimated earning $25K – $50K and yearly estimated earning $50K – $100K. Their channel revenue is $8 million, which is 58 crores in India rupees approx.


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