Top Tips To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bills 

We are all aware of the scorching heat of the Indian summer months, the only way to tackle those is to use an air conditioner. The increasing Mercury level in our atmosphere has made an air conditioner a must-have in every household. However, there still remains the innate fear of increasing electricity bills,  a reason for which many Indians shy away from buying one. Is there any way to use your air conditioner, but at the same time control your electricity bills? We say, yes there is! Keep reading to find out how to keep those numbers down in your monthly electricity bills!

  • Have Regular Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner –

  • Before you start using your air conditioner for the season, you must always have it inspected by a professional. Since we do not use the air conditioners for a major portion of the year, their idle state often leads to an accumulation of dust in the filters, thus making it very difficult for the unit to maintain a regular airflow. This also causes the unit to consume more energy to work harder in the process. Getting regular inspections on your air conditioner done is a necessity, but while you are at it, make sure that you get the coils checked for possible coolant leaks, which often leaves your AC struggling to work efficiently.

  • Try To Check Your Energy Consumption With A Rental Ac Beforehand –

  • Before you spend a huge fortune on buying an AC for yourself, it is recommended to get one on rent. This way you will be able to get a hang of the whole process as well as note down how much energy it actually consumes. There are many rental facilities available all over India,  such as the AC rental in Chennai which offers you one in almost new condition for a very low cost. And the best part is that you will be able to return it during the months that you are not using it for such as during monsoon and winters.

  • Put A Shade On The Ac’s Outdoor Unit –

  • This may not sound very useful but trust us on this one – putting on a shade on the outdoor unit of your AC is a great way to improve the overall efficiency of the system.  The logic behind this is that if the AC is working in a cool environment, then it won’t have to work very hard to provide you with cold air. However, if your AC is constantly exposed to Harsh sunny weather then it will have to work extra hard and consume a lot of energy to get you that. You can create your own AC shade with a piece of cloth!


    The sunny months of India are never less of a struggle to get by, but an AC is a great help! You can rent your AC from appliances on rent centers at low prices, to know whether you truly want one or not!

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