Best Educational Platforms for Students in India

This era, in which the term Digital India is ubiquitous, and the mobile is now a smartphone, has also altered the face of Indian education. Even in urban areas, coaching centers are so busy and congested that it is difficult to acquire knowledge in such an environment. When everything is just a click away, educational apps in India have revolutionized learning. Not only have they made studying easier for students, but they have also alleviated parental stress.

Moving away from traditional learning methods, educational apps allow you to explore subjects more interactively. Did you realize that understanding statistics in Math can help you boost your betting odds in sports like IPL or NFL Picks? Or, how can you use the Mnemonic Device to remember even the most complicated names and formulas?

Here are the best educational Platforms that make students’ lives easy by providing the best digital knowledge.


This educational application offers all the features required by CBSE students. It contains example papers and mock exams, video lessons, NCERT solutions for classes 3-12, and chapter-wise questions. 

This program includes a gamified learning solution and quizzes that you may play with a friend while studying, which is one of its best features. It is one of the top educational apps for CBSE students in India.


This educational app offers a one-stop shop for kids in grades 6 through 12. This website is a valuable resource for homework help, doubt-clearing sessions, textbook solutions, video lectures, sample papers, mock tests, easy revision notes for classes 6-12, previous year board papers, and even study materials for national olympiads.

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This application also includes courses for entrance examinations such as IIT-JEE, NEET, and CA CPT, as well as exams such as BBA and NDA.


Skillshare is a prominent online platform with over 5 million users focusing on developing creative talents in less formal, college-style seminars. Although marketing and business programs are available, most courses focus on innovative education such as interior design, visual arts, photography, film, and writing.

Skillshare primarily provides video classes of 20-60 minutes featuring industry leaders, as well as projects and community forums for students to engage with other Skillshare students.

4.Khan Academy

This educational application was created by the American educator Salman Khan. This software is entirely non-profit, and its main objective is to provide children with enhanced learning resources. This app has over 10,000 video lectures on various academic areas, emphasizing mathematics and science. 

They have collaborated with institutions such as NASA, MIT, and the Museum of Modern Art to provide learners with technical information to empower them beyond the classroom.


The objective of this study software for students is to bridge the gap between tutors and students. This application allows students to connect with renowned teachers online. Vidyakul aims to provide students, parents, and educators with the ideal online platform to solve all their online learning and teaching-related issues.


Toppr is an educational application that aims to customize student learning. It offers a variety of courses to K-12 pupils. Its live classroom feature is one of its best features because it lets students clear up their questions in real-time. It also gives a class schedule so that students know their classes.

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Doubtnut is an educational app with a novel concept. Suppose a student has a question about any math problem. In that case, he can click a picture and upload it to receive a video solution within a few seconds. They offer mathematics courses for NCERT (6th through 12th grade) and IIT-JEE that comprise videos, books, and PDFs. Doubtnut is an excellent tool for clarifying questions about board examinations and IIT JEE preparation.

8.DrMentors Medical PG app

This is an excellent application for medical preparation. This application has over 600 hours of video lectures created by over 20 professors. In addition, it contains over 10000 PowerPoint presentations and notes. In addition, they provide test series, practice exams, and complete subject covering. They also have mentors that assist kids who require individualized guidance.


This educational application is the outcome of the vision of Vivek Jain, a CA dropout. He began working on it at the age of seventeen. It currently has over 2 million financial professionals as members. The CCI coaching application provides 1,500 hours of e-learning content, test preparation, and competency-based certification courses. 

The website offers video-based online tutorials for CA, CS, CMA, BCom, and MCom courses. This platform allows for user interaction and question-asking, an engaging feature. In addition, there are several professional biographies, articles, and news updates.


Kiran Bedi, India’s first female IPS officer, is among Unacademy’s distinguished faculty. This app offers over 2400 video lectures and specialized courses on all types of competitive tests, which have assisted over 300,000 students from even the country’s most remote regions. 

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It is one of the top educational apps in India, and it has helped students improve their writing, speaking, and general knowledge.

11.Adda 247

Adda 247, created in 2016, focuses on preparing for government exams such as bank exams (SBI, RBI, IBPS, etc.), Staff Selection Commission Exams (SSC), Teaching exams, Railways, and Defense Exams. This application offers Online Live Classes, On-Demand Video Courses, Mock Tests, Ebooks, and Books and assists throughout any government examination. Regarding paying users, this mobile app is the second largest ed-tech platform in India.

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