Mane is closely with Salah at Liverpool. Sadio open for summer transfer

Mane has been playing for the Merseyside team since 2016, in 6 years he won the Premier League gold, the FA Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, the English League Cup and the Club World Cup with the club, that is, all the main trophies of Europe and the world. Perhaps Sadio wants to add awards from other championships to his shelf with trophies, and PSG with Bayern in this case are ideal candidates for a transfer, but, of course, with their reservations in the form of prestige and the importance of potential cups due to the lack of proper competition. Here is the best bet app Uganda ever. 

A move to Real Madrid or Barcelona would have been much nicer, and these clubs have also been repeatedly linked with an interest in Mane. In early May, Mundo Deportivo reported that Sadio was most interested in the Barcelona option. The Catalan club understands that Mane is most attracted to the Spanish league, as it could increase the chances of the Senegalese for the Golden Ball. At the same time, it was noted that Mane is open to moving to Barça. In his opinion, playing for the Blaugrana will give more weight to his team and individual achievements. However, the unstable performances of the blue garnets and the difficult financial situation of the club clearly make their own adjustments in favor of the choice of Barça.

Mane and Mohamed have been writing about the strained relationship for more than a year, but for a long time everything remained at the level of gossip and conjecture, until an unequivocal moment occurred in the 2019/2020 season – in the August Premier League match with Burnley, Salah did not make a pass to Mane in a situation when a pass was the only possible option for a goal, and this episode caused an explosive reaction from Sadio. And leaving the field, he shouted at Klopp and waved his arms. The players were later asked for clarification, and Mane stated that there were misunderstandings, but they were quickly sorted out.

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Then, in December 2021, in the game against Crystal Palace, Klopp replaced the Senegalese already in the 57th minute, which, of course, the player did not like. And in addition, it was Salah who was released on the field instead of him. The cameras captured Manet’s undisguised dissatisfaction with this decision.

In addition, over the past year there have been moments when Sadio had the opportunity to fall in someone else’s penalty area and get a 100% penalty, but still broke through to the goal through kicks to the legs. Why? Salah is the full-time penalty taker of the Merseysiders.

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