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Kida Lyrics – TiiwTiiw is a new popular French song. Song of Kida lyrics sung by TiiwTiiw. This song written by Mohamed Mrabet and Mbarek Nouali. Song of Kida lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is update soon. This song released on the date of 27 February, 2022. Kida got an average visitor at YouTube after released between a hour. This song music composition also by Mohamed Mrabet and Mbarek Nouali.Kida song got a music label which name is Iliass TiiwTiiw. This beautiful song sung in the language of French. Kida song director and produced by Iliass Tiiwtiiw and ManioProd. So, let’s know the song of Kida lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Kida Song Information
Song Name Kida
Singer TiiwTiiw
Songwriter Mohamed Mrabet and Mbarek Nouali
Language French
Released Date February 27, 2022
Music Mohamed Mrabet and Mbarek Nouali
Director Iliass Tiiwtiiw and ManioProd
Label Iliass TiiwTiiw

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Kida Lyrics – TiiwTiiw

Song of Kida lyrics
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