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Saana Kastam Lyrics – Acharya​ is a new Telugu movie song. Song of Saana Kastam lyrics sung by Revanth and Geetha Madhuri. This song written by Bhaskarabhatla. Song of Saana Kastam lyrics started by the line on English pronunciation is update soon. This song music video published on YouTube in the date of 03 January, 2022. Saana Kastam song music composition also by Mani Sharma. This song created in the movie of Acharya​.Saana Kastam song will got a good visitor after published on YouTube between 1st hour. This song got a music label which name is Aditya Music. So, let’s know the song of Saana Kastam lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Saana Kastam Song Information
Song Name Saana Kastam
Singer Revanth and Geetha Madhuri
Songwriter Bhaskarabhatla
Language Telugu
Movie Acharya​
Released Date January 03, 2022
Music Mani Sharma
Label Aditya Music

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Saana Kastam Lyrics – Acharya​

Song of Saana Kastam lyrics
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