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Solo tú Lyrics In English (Translation) – Elenco de Encanto

Look at this home, still holds hopeWe can glimpse new foundationsAnd this family, an bursting constellationIt will wait for its moment to shineBut burning they must lightAnd change directionWe must awakenThey are more than just a giftAnd I held on and it was a mistake.My great fear drove them away.I learn the lesson, magic is not a gift.Magic is you, only you.The magic is you, only you, only you.So, are we going to talk about Bruno?It’s BrunoYes, so much to say about BrunoI’ll go, all rightPepa I’m sorry to bother you and at your wedding to worry you.You were sweating nervously and I just wanted to help youI want to tell you that your brother is here.For you, the others, when it rains, when it snows, I don’t go away.It was always my suspicion, broI want to apologize so much, I waited for itHeyAh?I’m so happy to see you well.But…Hug us alreadyBut…Today let’s enjoyIt doesn’t matter now, we can make our wayI knew it, he didn’t leave, I heard him every dayWhat is it?The town is coming this wayHey, there’s a solution, there’s a solutionHelp is here, help is hereThere is no gift and there are many of usWe’ll do it together with passionWhat a dream team here, what vigor!Without further ado I usually crySo do II share the work and it’s excitingI’ll want sun and fertilizerLike this! Spikes sprouting up to raise(To) the sky reaching for the sunBut burning they must light and radiate its heat.Times will changeHave you noticed how much she’s grown?She’s like her mom.Hey, Mariano, what’s up with you?I-I have a love to offerYou know, my cousin’s just like you.Have you seen Dolores?Okay, I’m informed, bye.You like to talk, you protect your mother and she’s proud of youAt night, before going to sleep, you usually write your poemsAnd I take advantage of the moment, in case you would like to think of meDolores I see youI hear youOnly you, only you-Shall we get married?-Calm downOnly you, only youNew home, so full of hopeIt’s not perfectNo one isIt’s trueTo finish, let’s see if something is missingWhat?There’s a lock missingIs waiting here for youBrave glow, we can see in youAnd listen to your inner selfYou are our gift, believe in youOpen them nowOpen your eyesWhat do you see?77I see… me, only me

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