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Mine Diamonds Lyrics is in Pop and also it is Pop Song. Mine Diamonds Song is from the movie MineCraft Awesome Parodys sung by Mcap Steve . The Song's music is composed by MCAP STUDIOS and Mine Diamonds Full song Lyrics is written by MineCraft Awesome Parodys. Mine Diamonds Song Was released in 2016.

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Mine Diamonds Lyrics

Mine Diamonds lyrics

Singer Mcap Steve
Movie MineCraft Awesome Parodys
Song Writer MineCraft Awesome Parodys
Album No Information
Release Year 2016
Language Pop
Music Label Mcap Studios

Mine Diamonds Lyrics

[Intro] (spoken)
“Alright guys, *cough* I’m doing ‘Take On Me’ now, alright. I, I really, I really like this song. It sounds good.”

[Verse 1] Minin’ away
I don’t know what to mine
I’ll mine this anyway
In this Minecraft day
So beautiful, mine further down
What’s that I found?

[Chorus] Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
I’ll mine them
So far I’ve got two!

[Verse 2] So easy to mine
With my Minecraft pickaxe and shovels
Hopefully they stay
In my Minecraft chests
So I’m gonna make
A lock on it

[Chorus] Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
I’ll mine them
So far I’ve got two!

[Bridge] “Ah! *cough, cough, cough, cough, sniff, cough*
I’m alright, I’m ready”

[Verse 3] All these diamonds
Sittin’ carefully lay
I’m getting worried (Shut the fucking door!)
If they might get stolen
From my ender chest
Wait, who is that?
Holy sheep, it’s Notch!

[Chorus] Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)
Now they’re safe
Now that they’re safe
Mine diamonds, *heavy breathing* (Take on me)
Mine diamonds (Take on me)

[Outro] Uh, thanks, thanks for listening guys and thanks for recommending this song


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Mine Diamonds Song Lyrics FAQs

Who sung the "Mine Diamonds" song?

"Mine Diamonds" Song is sung by "Mcap Steve" .

Who Written the "Mine Diamonds" song?

"Mine Diamonds Song Lyrics" is written by "MineCraft Awesome Parodys" .

Which Music Company released the "Mine Diamonds" song?

"Mine Diamonds" Song is Released under the Label " Mcap Studios " .



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