Top 5 Most Headbangable Songs You Must Listen To

We are in the middle of conflict and chaotic life where everyone is busy with their problems within the realm of development through technology. Therefore, we do not have enough time to consider our prospects and thoughts properly.

So, we always admire those people who are able to run behind their dreams through their own passion. Being in passion means being in the hallucination of the things you crave for! Out of the rock, there is nothing left if you do not consider your dreams to come true.

Well, this is not about career goals or achievements, but this is about the metal masters who have become successful in converting us as their fans and, ultimately, metalheads.

Songs are the string of emotion and passion, and relaxation. We do not consider what is going on in our life when we rule the emotions in a particular song by putting earphones in. We have our own choices about songs.

Songs That Bang Your Head And Remind You Of Music

There are endless genres of songs, and some of us are fans of metal and its devastating music as well. Our topic and especially these handpicked special songs are going to give you a heart attack and divide your head into two parts by banging it with intense music.

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You can download all these songs for free from pirate Bay and listen to know if we are right!

1. Solitude (Candlemass)

Solitude is the state of being alone, and we do not know how you are going to feel it better than the version of Candlemass.

Are you ‘waiting to be free’? If you are ‘sitting here alone in darkness,’ then you are in ‘solitude,’ and this song is the best way to find your solitude!

The Swedish epic metal band Candlemass invented the idea of let you get your solitude in 1986.

2. Leave Me In My Grave (Nunslaughter)

This time you are going to be in complete isolation with the head-breaking nature and music of this song!

Nunslaughter has been creating its masterpieces since 1987, and this is a gift for the metalheads. The robust nature of the artists is very much reflected in the song- Leave Me In The Grave.

3. Hell To Play (Converge)

The American hard rock punk group, Converge is all about creating masterpieces. The ‘cheap’ lips of Jacob Bannon and the ‘lost’ guitar works of Kurt Ballou first started to show their masterworks in 1990.

This Jane Doe album song was released in 2001 and still can rule your mind like a cold mess. Whoever experienced this song ‘felt more than we could ever know,’ and that will definitely trigger your memory.

4. Heart Like A Grave (Insomnium)

The name Insomnium is enough to trigger your mind into this metal world!

You will not find ‘the tune’ of your heart in any other song like this one. At times you will experience ‘the woeful wind,’ and at another, you will get the ‘beauty of yearning.’

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The eighth studio album of Insomnium was released in 2019. So you will get the present essence of metal music as well.

5. In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion (Agalloch)

There is nothing better than ‘In the shadow of our Pale Companion’ to enrich your mind ‘through the vast valleys’ of wonder.

‘In search of god,’ the ‘nihil’ spirit of man can be felt through this song, and thus it is recommended to you. The slow music and then the rawness of voice and electric guitar will lead you to another world for sure!

It’s your time to experience the uncertainty of music, and the thorough release of tension through the creativity of music will surely give you the heck of fire!

To Conclude

Let’s not forget that many people are metalheads, and they find their ultimate peace by breaking their heads with music! This is all imagination, and all of us are using metal songs as the remedy to find solitude or to leave solitude!

If you ask about Headbangable, you will know that metal has the ability to do that for you! Most of us want to listen to songs, and some of them are fond of good music! Music can create an ultimate realm of satisfaction and release of pressure.

It’s your time to crack it!

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