Sports events for the rest of 2022

If you enjoy watching different tournaments and find it entertaining to follow sports no matter what kind it might be, you can get an overview of the many great tournaments coming up this fall and winter. 

Enjoying sports and tournaments as a type of entertainment is quite normal and many people follow specific games and teams. And if you have not experienced the excitement of following a tournament or a cup for that matter, you should get started as it is quite great and especially for several people to gather around. Here are different tournaments in different sports that are quite entertaining to follow and are all located in the last part of 2022. 

The US open

The US open is just around the corner as it kicks off in the beginning of September, and this is naturally quite exciting for tennis fans. And a lot of them might also be engaging in betting on the tournaments and looking into the us open odds 2022. The US open is a tennis tournament and it is one of the biggest ones, however, Wimbledon is the biggest. In this tournament the matches were played on hardcourt in opposition to earlier times where the court was grass and gravel. 

The US open can be related to one of the world’s oldest tennis tournaments, US National Championship, that held its very first championship for men back in 1881. It runs over a duration of two weeks and it has five different championships: mens single, ladies single, mens double, ladies double and mixed double. The US open actually recorded an audience of 5.4 million, which is a huge amount. It might not be the same as the World Cup in football, but this is a less popular sport, so it is only expected.  

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Vuelta a Espana

We just had the biggest cycling tournament Tour de France which was a great success with a lot of viewers. But this is not the only cycling championship, luckily there is one just around the corner. Vuelta a Espana is another great Spanish stage race with some of the same teams we became familiar with in the Tour de France. 

Cycle races might not be for everyone and you would need to have some patience to approach it, but when you have watched some races and understand the dynamics it becomes quite exciting. However, if you were hooked on the Tour de France, you should definitely follow the Vuelta a Espana as this is a similar run. 

It was first held in 1935 where there were 50 riders riding 3411 kilometers on 14 heats. Today the race extends over a period of three weeks and it runs from the end of August and into September.

The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup has its first games in November and it will be an exciting and big event as always. And with a TV audience of record-breaking 3.5 billion people in 2018, it will probably be even more this year. It makes sense that an enormous amount of people watch and follow the world cup as so many countries have their national team playing. 

Even though they might not qualify, there is a certain engaging atmosphere around the world cup. Probably because it has the power to gather so many people across the world around one thing. This tournament is one of the ways where sport really shows its gathering force. However, there has been some controversy around this world cup as it is held in Qatar where some people think the society is oppressive. 

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However, time will show how many viewers will engage and how many will cut the tournament. No matter what this is a very entertaining as well as exciting thing to watch, even though you are not the biggest football fan. So much is at stake for every team and this is obvious.  

The World Series in Baseball

The World series is, as the other tournaments mentioned, an annual championship, where the major leagues in the US and Canada meet in contests. The World Series in Baseball will be held in october. This has been held since 1903 and winning the world series has naturally become a great honor to the many competing teams. Even though baseball is a less widespread sport, the number of viewers has reached an average of 11.75 million viewers. Which is quite a bunch for a sport mostly practiced in the US. 

The National Association of Professional BaseBall Players and the NAtional League were both founded circa 1875, and since then this sport has been on the rise and very popular mostly in the states. Engaging in baseball is almost impossible not to do as an American, however other nationalities might have more fun looking towards the other sports. 

If you are into biographies of different sports stars, you can find them among other biographies and read about their career and life. 

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