The Chosen One (Intro) Lyrics by Diljit Dosanjh is latest Punjabi song from the album MoonChild Era with music also given by Modern Biology. The Chosen One (Intro) song lyrics are written by Diljit Dosanjh.

The Chosen One (Intro) Song Detail
Singer: Diljit Dosanjh
Composer: Modern Biology
Lyrics by: Diljit Dosanjh
The Chosen One (Intro) Lyrics
I am blooming
It is a new beginning
Silence is speaking
My life experiences
My mind, my thoughts
My understanding
Has no more importance
I am blooming
The energy within me
Which I was unaware of
Has awakened
And flowing inside me
I’m unaware of
Where this flow is taking me
But I have fully surrendered
The energy is guiding me
Everything that’s happening
It’s all inside me
Nothing is outside
I am blooming
I am blessed
That music has chosen me
Sound is magic
That’s the real magic
I’m intoxicated
Yet fully aware
I am no longer myself
I am blooming
It’s a new era
It’s a moonchild era
The Chosen One (Intro) Song Video

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