Learn Maths from the Basics

Math is always viewed as a subject that is being ‘survived with’ than ‘being learned’. This is an absolute shame to such a beautiful subject!

From the beginning of a kid’s understanding of the subject, they learn maths with the ‘fearful’ concept of the subject. 

In contrast to this, Maths is an interesting subject. If explained and dealt with properly from the very beginning, it will amplify your interest in the subject matter of maths. In this context, let us know how we can study maths right from the basics. After studying this content, you will know the right procedure to learn and enjoy maths. Before this let us understand ‘chain rule’ a term related to the calculus part of mathematics. 

Learn Any Concept of Maths in Just 4 Steps

Learning new concepts in maths is no longer a difficult study. You can learn any mathematical concept in just 4 steps. Continue reading to know about it.

Step 1: Start With a Good Explanation

First, you have to start the concept with a good, conceptual explanation. You can take help from your mentors, study materials, or online sites which provide exclusive learning of maths in lucid language. With a good basic explanation, you will understand what the topic is all about.

Step 2: Practice Problem Sums

Maths is a subject where you need to practice the sums. This is not a subject that you are required to read or memorize. Practice will make you perfect in maths. 

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Students are advised not just to understand what is being taught, but to practice the same sums immediately. When you sit with solving the problems, you might not get the correct answer in the first go, and then you will end up feeling you are not good at maths but that is not the case. You just need to analyze your mistake and repeat the sum unless you get the correct answer. 

Remember, a good maths problem will make you feel challenging but it will not be impossible to solve. 

Step 3: Why does Math Work?

You need to relate the concept that you are studying to the real world. This will give you an understanding of the ‘why’ part of the topic. At times, students are distressed by the fact that ‘what is the use of this maths topic in our real-life?’ Thus, relating the mathematical concept to the real world will automatically amplify the interest in studying the same. 

Step 4: Have Fun With Maths

It is often considered that practicing and understanding maths is always better but playing with maths is the best. When students play maths, they have a lot of fun and in that process, they learn the concept effectively. Practice if aided with playing will give you good marks in the subject. For example, pick up any formula you have recently learned, play with the variables and modify the formula, see if you can make it simpler, or come up with another new formula! 

Do you Know What the Chain Rule is?

The rule which is used while estimating the derivative from the composite function is called the chain rule. The other name for chain rule is ‘composite function rule’. This chain rule is precisely applied to composite functions in a mathematical problem. 

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Formula of Chain Rule

The formula for the chain rule is y = f(x), in this case, f(x) is a composite function with the function of y. This is the standard formula for the Chain rule. Well, there is another formula of chain rule as well, which is represented as:

y’ = d/dx ( f(g(x) ) = f’ (g(x)) · g’ (x)

This study was fruitful indeed, we have learned how to study maths in just 4 steps. Also, we learned briefly about calculus. Want to know more? Visit Cuemath.

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