Working for the Knife LyricsI Cry At The Start
Of Every Movie
I Guess ‘Coz I Wish
I Was Making Things Too
But I’m Working For The KnifeI Used To Think
I Would Tell Stories
But Nobody Cared For
The Stories I Had About
No Good GuysI Always Knew
The World Moves On
I Just Didn’t Know It
Would Go Without MeI Start The Day High
And It Ends So Low
‘Coz I’m Working For The KnifeI Used To Think
I’d Be Done By Twenty
Now At Twenty Nine
The Road Ahead Appears The Same
Though Maybe At Thirty
I’ll See A Way To Change
That I’m Living For The KnifeI Always Thought
The Choice Was Mine
And I Was Right But
I Just Chose Wrong
I Start The Day Lying
And End With The Truth
That I’m Dying For The Knif Written by: Mitski Working for the Knife Lyrics Music Video Working for the Knife Lyrics Song Info:Song: Working for the Knife LyricsSinger(s): MitskiMusician(s): MitskiLabel(©): Dead Oceans Lyrics. if you find any mistake then let us known by filing the contact us form with correct Lyrics.

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