About us

lyricston.com was made for all Bollywood fans to enjoy great Hindi music! Read lyrics from your favorite movies. Request Hindi Lyrics and share lyrics with your friends and family. We also have a good collection of English transliterations of many Hindi songs.

This site at one point was one of the few (probably 2 or 3) sites on the internet dedicated only to Bollywood Hindi lyrics. It was one of the first sites to provide Hindi and English transliterations to many songs. We also started to add regional songs but that portion didn’t grow as I had expected. There are few Tamil and Telegu lyrics but that is all. If anyone is interested in partnering with lyricston.com with a focus on regional lyrics then email me.

Initially, the site was used by local US music bands and singers but as its popularity grew it drew visitors of all ages and from all parts of the world. I would like to thank all the loyal and dedicated visitors that have shown value in lyricston.com and also thank the new visitors for your support!.

Today the site still attracts a dedicated following and loyal visitors even though there are many sites now that put Hindi lyrics on their websites. I think it is good that more and more sites now have this type of content because just 15 years ago I couldn’t find any!. In order to support the costs of maintaining the website, advertising in all forms is also accepted. Ads can be targeted both by content type and by specific demographics.