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Chetan Sanjay Chandgude or Chetan Chandgude is an Indian professional E-sports player, PUBG Mobile streamer, gaming creator and social media influencer from Pune, Maharastra, India. Currently, he is popularly known by his online name as Kronten Gaming. Besides these, he is the owner and the IGL (In-Game Leader) of the GodLike E-sports organization. Read Chetan Chandgude (Kronten Gaming) Wiki, Full Bio, Age, Weight, Articles, PUBG ID, BGMI ID, Girlfriend, Instagram, Discord, Networth & More.

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude) Wiki/Biography

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Net Worth

Chetan Sanjay Chandgude
Kronten Gaming
Chetan, Kron10, Kronten
Youtuber, E-Sports Player, Gamer & Live Commentator
Playing PUBG Mobile gameplay on Youtube
08th May 1997
24 Years (As in 2021)
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Pune, Maharashtra, India
BBA (Business Management)
Pune University
$1 Million

About Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude) Biography

Who is Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude)?

Chetan Chandgude is an Indian professional E-sports player, PUBG Mobile streamer, gaming creator and social media influencer from Pune, Maharastra, India. His real name is Chetan Sanjay Chandgude. But, he is popularly known as his online name as Kronten Gaming. Besides these, he is the creator and the owner of the GodLike E-sports organization, a leading E-sports organization and home to many teams from India. And he is also the IGL (In-Game Leader) of the clan. Currently, he is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers among Indian gamers.

Born, Age & Birth Place

Date of Birth


Birth Place


08th May 1997
24 year (as in 2021)
Pune, Maharashtra

On May 08th, 1997 (Age 24 as of 2021), he was born in a Hindu Marathi family in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He belongs to a Marathi Hindu family and also holds Indian Nationality.

Chetan Chandgude Childhood/Early-Life

He spent his childhood in his home town Pune, Maharashtra, India with his family. He was a very polite and calm boy from an early age and very interested in sports and video games. From childhood, his dream is to become a Gaming personality in India.

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude) Education & Qualification





Not Known
Pune University
BBA (Business Management)

We couldn’t collect any proper information about Kronten Education and qualification. If we could collect any information we will update you soon.

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude) Family & Parents

Father Name

Mother Name


Not Revealed
Not Revealed
Sister – (Younger)
Brother –  (Elder)

We couldn’t collect any proper information about Kronten Education and qualification. If we could collect any information we will update you soon.

Kronten Gaming Personal Information

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Not Known
Not Married Yet

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In Feet: 5. 8inc
In Meters: 1.76m
In Centimetres: 176cm
60 Kg approx.
132 lbs approx.
Slight Fat
Black & Brown
No tattoos

Hobbies & Favourite Things




Singer (s)


Sports Person

E-Sports Player


Cartoon Show






Pizza, Cheese
Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar
Shraddha Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra
Guru Randhawa, Neha Kakkar
Virat Kohli (Cricketer)
Lionel Messi (Footballer)
Athena, RRQ, Evos, BTR
SoutOp, RegalTos, Jonathan
PUBG Mobile, COD
Cat, Pet Dog
Black, White
Bhuvan Bam
Gaurav Chaudhury
Ashish Chanchlani
Prajakta Koli
Goa, Manali, Ladakh
Playing Video Games, Football, Travelling

Chetan Chandgude Career

Chetan Chandgude Starting Career – As a Gamer

Chetan started his career as an E-sports player back in 2010-2011. Like others, he also very fond of playing e-sports, video games. Since his childhood, he was playing games. But he started his gaming career as a professional E-sports player in 2018 after PUBG Mobile arrive.Before PUBG Mobile came he played the Clash Of Clans mobile game. At that time the game was hugely popular in the world. He created a Youtube channel named Clash With Kronten, where he made gameplay videos of the Clash of Clans game and uploaded them to his channel.Slowly his channel started growing. Then he started playing PUBG PC. He also played many PC games like GTA, Mini Militia along with PUBG PC. He was interested in playing PC gaming since he was a child. This is how his E-sports career started.

Name Choosing – Kronten

Kronten has no meaning itself, he chose the name randomly. When he was 10 – 12 years old, he knew about Youtube and how to make videos on Youtube. He explains that if he chose his name Chetan that’s not become valuable in SEO because Chetan name is available everywhere.That’s why he had to choose a brand name that was not available on the internet. Suddenly, “Kronten” name comes to his mind and he chooses it for his gaming name. Now if you search Kronten it will show you Chetan Chandgude details.

Chetan Chandgude YouTube & PUBG Career – As Kronten

On 9th February 2018, the PC game called PUBG has released its mobile version globally and it had become the game-changer for almost every Indian gamer. Many gamers start playing this game and make game-play videos of this game and upload them to YouTube.The game was exceptionally good, with never to be seen graphics and smooth controls, Chetan loved it. At that time the popularity of PUBG Mobile in India was increasing slowly and gradually he kept getting better at it and started to learn the mechanics of the game.He thought that he would try for once. In 2018, he again created a Youtube channel for PUBG named Kronten Gaming. Along with this, he also started putting out content on Youtube. He noticed that the views of his gameplay videos grew. He started streaming with some Youtube friends. He used to make videos about tips and tricks related to the game and did live streaming. The audience used to look very much to see his amazing game scenes, his amazing voiceover and his aggressive playing technique. He is a very aggressive player. Unlike Other PUBG Mobile players, Kronten doesn’t play the game doing camping till the last zone, he doesn’t play the game for rankings. He finds enemies over the map and kills them. His gameplay type is Rush and Aggressive.

Chetan Chandgude GodLike Clan Career

After Kronten started playing PUBG Mobile, he created his own gaming clan GodLike, along with some YouTube friends. Currently, he is the owner and the IGL (In-Game Leader) of the GodLike E-sports organization, A leading e-sports organization and home to many teams from India.GodLike is one of the most popular gaming clans in India. The clan has both mobile players as well as emulator players. Kronten himself is an emulator player. Kronten is the in-game leader of the clan.

Chetan Chandgude BGMI/PUBG ID & PUBG Career

He always produced quality gameplay videos for his fans. People like his aggressive rush gameplay. Unlike the other PUBG players, he didn’t play by doing camping. He always travels the whole map and finds their enemies and kills them. His PUBG (BGMI) Id is 525348414 And his google pay/Paytm number is 7972197097.

Kronten PUBG Stats & Information

Gaming Name




Playing From


Favourite GUN/AR


Clan Name



Win Ratio

ID Likes

Kronten Gaming
E-Sports Player, Gamer, Streamer
Season 2
M416 with 6X scope
GogLike (GodL)

PUBG Mobile Banned In India

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Indian government, due to data privacy concerns under Section 69A of the Information & Technology Act. It was a disaster for every PUBG Mobile lover and streamer in India.

PUBG Mobile banned in India

Even after the ban of PUBG mobile, he continues playing games like VALORANT, Among Us, PUBG Pc, and many more. He has helped the audience embrace this shift in the gaming community and has actively experimented with Youtube content.

PUBG Came Back In India As BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

In 2021, Krafton relaunch PUBG Mobile’s Indian version BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) so many month’s later. The Beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has become available for download in India from June 17. Battlegrounds Mobile India maker Krafton launched this version without any prior announcement.

PUBG Mobile India version BGMI

Kronten Gaming YouTube Information

Channel (s)



Total Views


Available in

Country Rank

Global Rank

Associate With

Managed By


Gaming, Tips & Tricks, Vlogging
500M (as in 2021)
Home studio for creating their Youtube contents
YouTube WorldWide
61th (Most Subscribed)top 5 (Individual Gaming)
Dynamo Gaming
Jonathan Gaming
See Awards/Achievements

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude) Awards & Achievements

● In February 2020, the team GodLike has win PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: India 1st place in B-tier, with the worth $2,600 USD.● In April 2020, the team GodLike has won PMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 2 with the worth $1,600.● In May 2020, the team GodLike has won Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia with the worth $2000.● In July 2021, the GodLike has won in War Of Peace Week 1, worth $600.
List Of All Tournaments and Rankings

Tournament Name Placement Prize
War Of Peace Week 1 1sh(B-tier) $617
PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East 19th(S-tier) $4000
NimoTV PUBG Mobile League Pro 2nd(B-tier) $600
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals 7th(A-tier) $5,500
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia RS 3rd(A-tier) $6000
Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia 1st(A-tier) $2,000
PMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 2 1st $1,600
PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: India 1st(B-tier) $8,000
PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia 11th(A-tier) $2000
PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 3rd(S-Tier) $25,000

Trivia, Records & Some Unknown Facts About Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude)

  • Does the Smoke? – Yes, During a live stream he caught smoking.
  • Does he drink alcohol? – Not Known.
  • ● Besides playing PUBG Mobile he was the popular anchor. Lastly, in 2019 he was anchored in the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Series.
    Dynamo, Jonathan, Kronten together did an advertisement with Arshad Warsi, during the launch of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). It was the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.


    FAQ’s About Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude)

    1. In which finger does kronten plays?
    Answer: He uses 4 finger claw setting for playing PUBG Mobile, Kronten is also known as an emulator player.2. Kronten and Casetoo are same?
    Answer: No, Kronten aka Chetan Chandgude is from Pune, Maharashtra, India and Casetoo aka Aditya Sharma are from New Delhi.3. How many kills in Kronten purse in tournament?
    Answer: In PMSC final Team GodLike won, and Kronten kills 15 enemies.4. Is k18 and kronten gaming the same person?
    Answer: No, K18 and Kronten is not the same person.5. Who is best between mortal Dynamo and kronten?
    Answer: In my opinion, they are currently the best streamers and pro-PUBG Mobile players in India. But Dynamo has the most fan base in the Indian gaming community than Soul Mortal and Kronten. Kronten is the 4th most popular PUBG Mobile player in India after them.6. How to make a font like kronten gaming?
    Answer: Use Google fonts, to make your logo stylish or better. Either you can watch Youtube videos for more information.7. Who is more good Mortal vs kronten?
    Answer: They Both are good in their field. But Mortal has more fanbase than Kronten.

    Income, Earnings/Salary & Net Worth

    Yearly Salary


    Earning Source

    Total Net Worth

    25K – 100K USD
    20K – 50K USD
    YouTube, Adsence,
    Brand Promotion, Sponsors
    $1 Million in 2021

    1. He has many income sources. But his majority of income comes from Youtube. His income sources are Adsence, Superchat through Paytm/Google Pay, Membership, Brands Promotions & Sponsors. His some of earning comes from Instagram as well.2. His other income of source is to participating in different PUBG Mobile tournaments. The major tournaments have massive prize money and when you win the tournament, huge amounts of prize money you get. After winning the PMSC, their team had gotten $25,000 prize money. Currently, his annual estimated earnings are 10 – 15 lakh in Indian rupees per annum and his current net worth is $1 million as of 2021 (approx).

    Charity Donations/Contribution

    Mortal is a good-hearted and calm man. During the Pulwama attack 2020, 2019 Bihar floods, Assam flood, Bushfires in Australia and many other incidents he did many charity streams and he donated all the funds he collected from the streams.He also helped many NGOs by donating some funds. He also helps many poor children to read. In February 2019 he raised funds Rs 2,20,000 by streaming and donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Shahid website for our bravest Indian Soldiers.

    Car/Bike Collections

    In December 2020, he bought a brand new BMW 6 series car with his earned money. He makes a vlog video and uploads it on his channel.

    Social Media Profiles


    Currently, he is one of the best e-sports players in India. Here we displayed the details we collected about Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude). If you find anything wrong here kindly inform us. We will update You soon.



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