Tips For Finding The Cheapest Car Shipping Company

Car shipping is a way to transport your car from one point to another without driving it yourself. Many people, including car enthusiasts and those moving to a new location, find this service very useful. Car shipping companies are available all over the country and offer competitive rates for their services. While finding the cheapest car shipping company can be tricky, you can visit cheapest-way-to-ship-a-car/: MVS Canada to know more about car shipping in Canada. Here are some tips for finding the cheapest car shipping company:
Get Multiple Quotes
The best way to find the cheapest car shipping company is by getting multiple quotes from different companies. This will allow you to compare the prices of each company and choose the best one that suits your budget. You can request quotes from various car shipping companies online. However, be sure to check their authenticity and read reviews of other customers before reaching out to them.
Have Flexible Pick Up and Delivery Locations
If your car will be shipped from a different location than its destination, you must make sure that the car shipping company is flexible with the pickup and delivery locations. Some companies will charge extra for delivering to another state. For a cheaper price, you can negotiate with the company to deliver your car closer to your destination. In addition, you should also check if the company has a service that will deliver your car to their depot in your area.
Ship in the Off-Season or Winter
If you are looking to save some money, the best time to ship your car is during the off-season or winter. The cost of transportation will be less in winter while car transportation companies charge more for shipping during summer and spring. This is because during these seasons, cars are usually transported in bulk, and more people are packing their cars so they can go on vacations.
Leverage Discounts.
Aside from getting quotations from different car shipping companies, you can also negotiate for discounts. Some companies offer discounts to customers who use their services more than once. If the company will provide you with a discount, it’s usually considered as an incentive to keep using their service. So, even before you make the final decision, try negotiating for discounts with different companies.
Plan In Advance.
Some companies, especially the cheaper ones, allow you to plan in advance and get special discounts. You can do this by planning a schedule for shipping your car. For example, if you know that you’re going to move next month, plan ahead and schedule your car shipping delivery on that date. This way, you can save more money.
Go With A Shipping Company That Doesn’t Charge Extra For Insurance.
Most car shipping companies offer insurance for your car during transport. However, some of them charge extra for the insurance, which can be expensive. Before you make a decision, ask the company if they provide insurance, and if they don’t, find out if there are any other options you can use.
Be Flexible. 
At least if you are planning to ship your car across the country, be flexible when it comes to pickup and delivery dates. This way, you will be able to negotiate the best rate with the car shipping company. In addition, you should also offer a convenient time for your pick up or delivery. For example, if you have a holiday weekend, arrange for delivery on that day. 
Consider Using The Services Of A Broker.
If you are having trouble finding the best company, a broker can help you find one. Brokers get quotes from different car shipping companies and offer a comprehensive list of options for car shipping services. They usually charge for their service, but it’s worth it because you will save time looking and comparing different companies. In addition, they will also find the best price for you.
Consider The Method Of Payment.
When choosing a car shipping company, you should also consider how you will pay for the services. Some companies will require you to pay in full before delivering your car. While others will only allow you to pay after they deliver your car. This is another way to save money. So, when you’re getting quotes, have a look at the payment method.
Having a car shipped is an effective and convenient way to transport it from one place to another. There are many shipping companies that offer similar services, and you can find the cheapest one by getting quotes from different car shipping companies. However, the most important thing is to ensure that the company you are going with provides great services and charges fair prices.

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