No Se Habla De Bruno Lyrics in English (Translation) –Elenco De Encanto – LyriCSToN

There Is No Talk Of Bruno, No, No, NoThere Is No Mention Of Bruno, But Right At My Wedding It WasAt Our Wedding It WasEverything Was Ready, Beautiful Weather That TimeNo Cloud That TimeBruno With A Mysterious Voice SpokeThunder!Do You Tell The Story Or Do I?I’m Sorry, My Life, Do It YourselfI See It Will Rain SoonWhat Was He Implying?You Will Know That I Took It Very BadlyGrandma, Have The UmbrellaWedding In A HurricaneIt Was A Happy Day, But It’s TrueThere Is No Talk Of Bruno, No, No, NoThere Is No Mention Of BrunoHey! Fear Seeing Bruno Stammering And TrippingI Always Remember Him Muttering And SputteringThe Sound Of Him Is Like Sand SlippingTst-Tst-TstRare The Gift Of VisualizingLeave Grandma, Like Everyone Else, TremblingFacing Uninterpreted PropheciesDo You Want To Try?Terror On His FaceRats From BehindHearing Your Name, There’s No Turning BackScream While You Shake When You Wake Up (Hey!)There Is No Talk Of Bruno, No, No, No (No, No)No Talk About Bruno (No Talk About Bruno)He Said My Fish Would Die, And Go! (Nerd)He Said: You’ll Be Paunchy! — And Just Like That It Was (No, No)He Said I’d Lose My Hair And Take A Good Look At Me (No, No)The Prophecies Are Fulfilled Every TimeHe Saw In Me A Gentle DestinyA Life Of Dreams Will ComeAnd That, Thus, The Power Of My Gift Like Grapes Will RipenHey, Mariano Is Going To ArriveHe Saw In Me An Impossible Love Finally AgreedIn Ties With AnotherI Can Almost Hear It (Hey You)As If He Could Hear It (Not A Sound Will Come From You)I Can’t HearOh BrunoYes, About BrunoSay What You Know About BrunoGive Me The Truth About Bruno (Isabela, Your Love Has Arrived!)To The Table!Terror On His Face, Rats BehindRight At My Wedding It Was, At Our Wedding It WasEverything Was Ready With Beautiful Weather That Time, No Clouds That TimeHearing Your Name There Is No Turning BackScream While You Tremble When You Wake UpAnd So The Power Of My Gift Like Grapes Will RipenBruno With A Mysterious Voice Spoke: Thunder!Without Interpreting, Do You Want To Try?Do You Tell The Story Or Do I?Hey, Mariano Is Going To ArriveTerror On His Face, Rats From Behind (I See It’s Gonna Rain Soon)An Impossible Love (What Was He Insinuating?)Hearing Your Name (You’ll Know I Took It Very Badly)In Ties With Another, With Another (There Is No Going Back)Grandma, Have The Umbrellas (And I’m Fine, I’m Fine, I’m Fine)Scream While You Shake (Wedding In A Hurricane)Upon Waking (But It’s True!)They Arrived!Let’s Not Talk About Bruno, No, No, NoWhy Did I Talk About Bruno?No Need To Talk About BrunoI Must Never Talk About Bruno

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