The amazing Saqlain Mushtaq

Bowling in cricket can be an extremely complex matter. Fans of the game can visit 1xNews – all India sports news on website feature what is happening with the best cricket bowlers.

In general, the players who perform this task must come up with a technique that makes batting the ball as difficult as possible. From time to time, there are incredible bowlers that are credited with developing a new technique. This is exactly the case of Pakistani cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq. The 1xNews India website has all sports news on a single place, and it allows its members to never miss a single detail from cricket.

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The Doosra

Mushtaq is credited with creating a revolutionary bowling technique, which is known as the doosra. It combines a leg break alongside an off-break. This makes it almost impossible for batters to hit the ball. Whenever great bowlers are on the field using this technique, you can 1xBet download mobile application and wager on them.

The player came up with this technique in his career, and it helped him a lot. This is because, when taking into account statistics of One-Day International matches, Mushtaq is the fastest player to reach 200 and 250 wickets. It can be said that batsmen are desperate when any player uses said technique against them. The great 1xBet mobile application is available for downloading, and users can employ it for wagering on excellent cricket matches.

A relatively short career

Saqlain Mushtaq played cricket for only 13 years, between 1994 and 2007. He spent his career across many different squads in Pakistan and England. He also became a specialist in different forms of the sport. It is possible to get cricket betting predictions on those competitions by visiting the website.

The squads where he played include:

  • Pakistan Intl. Airlines;
  • Islamabad;
  • Surrey;
  • Lahore;
  • and Sussex.

The player was also part of the Pakistani national squad during those years. In all the squads where Saqlain Mushtaq played, he used his already famous doosra. However, he also invented other techniques, which are known as the teesra and the chotha. Yet, not everybody was happy with those techniques. Many people argue that the Pakistani used them too much. Yet, technically he wasn’t breaking any rule, so he could use it without issues. In order to get excellent betting predictions on this exciting game, punters can visit the 1xNews website.

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